Plasma & LCD Calibration

Plasma and Lcd calibration

Why should I professionally calibrate my video display?"
"Isn't my new TV already making a great picture?"

These are two great and most commonly asked questions. Remember how different all those displays looked at the store, when they were all receiving the same program? The difference wasn't so much the quality of the various models as it was the non-standard adjustment of each display.

Manufacturers adjust their models to look as appealing as possible (brightest) next to competing models on a showroom floor. This is done to make their display the most appealing and or to give it a unique look.

Your calibrated video display will:
• Display a sharper focused, full resolution image
• Show full detail in the darkest and brightest parts of all scenes
• Maintain accurate color balance at all picture light levels
• Minimize distortions
• Be easier on your eyes
• Last up to twice as long as a display with factory default settings





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