7.1 Deluxe System Installation:

7.1 Home Theater System

Price for This Package: 2399.99

Includes custom installation with all speaker wires and a/v cables hidden in wall.

Package Includes Items Below



7 x 90W 7.1-Channel Home Theater Receiver will take your home theater experience to new heights. In the convenience of your own home, you can finally watch your favorite movies come alive. It offers you the same surround sound entertainment and HD value you would expect from a night out at the movies.

• Deep Color (v1.3) HD Processing
• Four HDMI Inputs
• Analog to HDMI Upconversion (1080i)
• HD-Component
• Dolby TrueHD/DTS-HD
• WRAT Technology
• Optimum Gain Control
• Sirius Satellite Ready
• Multi-Room Capabilities


In Wall Speakers

MODEL PF -64 Kevlar

These Speakers Are Bullet Proof!

The C645 will make you hear music with new ears. That's intentional. First, it gives you a 6-1/2" Kevlar woofer along with a 1" aluminum-dome pivoting tweeter and contour switches for treble and bass. So, it can easily handle up to 150 watts of power without losing detail. Listen up.

Speaker Installation Layout

Speakers can be placed in different areas of the room.

Home Theater Cable Bundle

Speaker wire, premium 16-guage with shield and everything you need in 15' lengths. HDMI, Component Video, S-Video, Optical, Electrical, Surge Protector.


Accuracy is key to any home theater system. With that in mind, Proficient subwoofers are built to fill your media room with lots of powerful low frequency energy for listening to movies and music. Our subs will seamlessly integrate with your home theater speaker system to enhance your listening experience. Features:
Design: Vented Powered Subwoofer
Woofer: 10" Long Excursion treated paper cone woofer with butyl surround
Port: Dual Ports to eliminate vent noise and distortion
Frequency Response: 32Hz-200Hz
Power: 120 Watts RMS ; 160 Watts Peak
Hook Ups: RCA Line Level & Speaker Level
Additional Features: Auto On, Anti-Clipping Circuitry, Detachable Power Cord, User accessible Fuse
Cabinet: Black Vinyl with Black double-knit grille
Dimensions: H 14" x W 11" x D 16" (+ 1 " for feet)
Weight: 33 lbs.
Warranty: Limited 2-year

Universal Remote
(includes programming)

Harmony 880

Channel surf, leave the LCD on, go wild. When you’re ready to operate your video, audio, even TiVO, this rechargeable remote will be ready, too. The color LCD will light your way to one-touch entertainment controls.


• One trigger finger is all you need.
One-Touch Control: Choose the activity you want to do, not the component you want to turn on.
Up to 15 Components: Control video, audio, gaming-even lights and appliances.
Customizable Buttons: Put your most frequent activities at your fingertips.
Learning Port: Add favorite functions from an old remote just by pointing it at your Harmony.

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